Halloween at the Jacksons:)

Oh Halloween, one of my kids’ favorite times of the year.  Who wouldn’t love dressing up and running from house to house like a wild banshee getting fists full of candy?  This year I was so honored because for the first time, the kids designated me to take them trick or treating instead of their dad.  For years I’ve been stuck at home passing out candy while secretly drinking a beer just waiting for my kids to get back so I could raid their stash of mounds bars.  This year a really bad mood from their dad placed me in the lead to actually walk the streets while talking with the neighbors as my kids ran wild.  After getting home I told the kids they could each have 4 pieces of candy.  Samantha dumped her bag out and instantly started organizing her loot (I love that kid).  Luke went more with the dump and dive technique.   As I was watching Luke dump out the candy from his bag, I noticed empty wrapper upon empty wrapper.  Oh good God!  It was then I realized that Luke had eaten most of his candy while running from house to house.  Instead of only eating 4 pieces, it looked like he only had 4 pieces left.  After much discussion about him knowing very well that that was not acceptable, however, what could I do?  The damage had been done.  It was time for bed.  As I suspected, around 11:45 that night Luke came down to our room with a stomach ache.  This stomach ache then turned into about 3 hours of throwing up all over.  Why is it when a kid throws up, he never makes it to the toilet on the first try?  Anyway, all I can say is:  lesson learned, poor kid.  I hope everyone had a great and less uneventful time this Halloween than the Jackson house did!



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