I look forward to getting sick:).

Confession #5:  there are days when I look forward to getting sick.  I’m crazy I know but it’s the truth.  Sometimes I let my mind wander and I think about  being locked in my room under my big down comforter with nothing but the real housewives of whatever to watch.  Even the thought of a fever with chills and maybe some vomiting can’t put a damper on a good 24 hours of, “Hey don’t come in here.  I don’t want you to get sick!”  Also a smile comes to my face just thinking about my husband taking one for the team and holding down the fort all by himself.  Ain’t so easy is it, my friend?  Unfortunately this dream is typically crushed by a quick flash of the future reality when momma does get sick.  I open the door to my room wearing my robe looking like a hot mess and a little shaky from being on my feet.  As my eyes round the corner I see all but the couches have been tipped over.  Our house in 24 hours has turned into a frat house after a 8 kegger.  There are dirty dishes and clothes everywhere, and every game we own is out with the pieces only God knows where.  My husband looks at me like he deserves an award, and the kids are disappointed I’m alive because they just got to eat ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner.  I’m looking at a good 24 hours to get everything back to “normal” whatever that is, and my 24 hour staycation has just turned into a nightmare.  The mother ship has officially been taken over by heathens, and their leader is a 30 something year old male who is secretly glaring at me while he’s thinking, “This will teach her never to get sick again.”  Ya know what, I’m taking this confession back.  Maybe getting sick isn’t the best idea lol!
Oh no is mom sick again???