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My name is Robyn, and I’m a 30 something year old with 3 wonderful kids. Samantha Kathleen, born in 2005, is going on 25 and sassy just like her mom.  Luke Widman, AKA Dennis the Menace, was born in 2008 and the funniest person I’ve ever met.  Lastly is Andrew Anthony, born in 2012, and the piece to our puzzle that made us complete.   I’ve been married since 2004 to my husband (Brian) I couldn’t live without.  I’m a LMSW and work as a social worker at a local hospital in the ER part time, and spend the rest of my life raising my crazy family.   I wouldn’t trade this job for the world, but let’s be honest, some day’s it feels like just that, a job.  I’ve decided to take the time and write down all the things us mother’s go through and experience together however, often times won’t admit because good God then we might not be perfect.  Well I’m here to share my amazing yet hardly perfect world with you.  All I can say is if you don’t laugh sometimes you’ll cry, and this momma would much rather laugh. Hope you enjoy this crazy ride I’m on as much as I do.



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