Detroit-area entrepreneurs to launch Kickstarter campaign for new children’s toy

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI, APRIL 12, 2016—  A revolutionary new toy that changes the way kids and adults play with sidewalk chalk, is coming to Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding website. Created by a husband and wife in southeastern Michigan, Walkie Chalk allows everyone from small children to teens and grandparents to “Stand Up & Draw” with sidewalk chalk. Walkie Chalk will be available for purchase starting April 12, 2016.

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Desperate for relief from chalky hands and sore backs, Matt and Shauna Damman had an epiphany last summer. Looking for an easier way to draw roads around their driveway that their children were always asking for, Shauna grabbed a broken rake handle and zip tied and a piece of chalk to it- and the Walkie Chalk was born. The couple went from rough prototype to finished product and packaging within seven months. Drawing from their knowledge and experience in manufacturing, as well as marketing, in addition to some early guidance from friends in the toy industry- all of those factors have combined for what industry experts are expecting to be “a home run.”  “We are just the two ordinary parents that decided give our idea a shot,” said Shauna. “It’s been a thrilling experience to see people’s reaction to Walkie Chalk.” Using a patented design with child safe foam, the Walkie Chalk works with any standard size chalk, round or square. “It was important to us to make it safe, simple and easy for kids to use,” Matt said. “We didn’t anticipate adults loving it as much as kids, but they do!”

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As a one of a kind toy, Walkie Chalk is looking forward to gaining national attention through their Kickstarter campaign. The Damman’s creation  has already been noticed by national toy expert, Toy Insider Mom, Laurie Schacht. Walkie Chalk isn’t just all play, either. Physical Therapists are finding benefits for building both fine and gross motor skills in both children and adults; educators also see this as a beneficial tool. Michael Orlando, Visual Art Instructor with Birmingham (MI) Public Schools said, “Walkie Chalk provides the opportunity to enhance creative expression through the use of extended drawing. It’s a fantastic way to make your mark!”

I was lucky enough to try this product out for myself ,and I can tell you that any parent will LOVE this!!!!! It does EVERYTHING it claims, and actually makes me not despise playing with chalk with my kids anymore.  This definitely  gets this moms stamp of approval and is a purchase MUST and a great gift for any kid!!!

Walkie Chalk is currently in pre-production and will be available for purchase on Kickstarter (starting April 12). Shortly after the campaign is funded, Walkie Chalk will be on and, with the end goal being available in national retailers by Spring of 2017. Please visit for more information.

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Walkie Chalk™, created in 2015, is a revolutionary new way to play with sidewalk chalk. Appealing to both children and adults, the easy to assemble writing wand has a patented design that holds all standard size chalk, round or square. Walkie Chalk makes sidewalk chalking more fun and allows the creativity to flow from a different perspective. Now you can “Stand Up & Draw!” Learn more at, “like” Walkie Chalk on Facebook or follow Walkie Chalk on Twitter @WalkieChalk.

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