Oops #5,836: Always check your kids nap bag before leaving it at daycare!

Oops #5,836:  Always check your kids nap bag before leaving it at daycare!
It was an average day at the Jackson house and I was running around frantically in the morning trying to get my older two kids ready for school and the baby ready for daycare.  Since it was a Monday morning, I had to pack a new nap bag for the week for Andrew (my one year old) to take.  I grabbed a sheet and a blanket put it in his nap bag, aka a Kroger bag, and off I went.  After work I went to pick up Andrew from daycare and greeting me as I walked into his room was one of his teachers.  These women are the sweetest people on earth and I love all of them however, on this day I noticed as I walked in the room his teacher had a little Kroger bag for me.  I got Andrew ready to leave and she handed me the Kroger bag and could barely look me in the eye as she said, “we found this mixed up in Andrew’s sheet.”  Truthfully I didn’t think anything of it till I got in the car.  After strapping Andrew in and getting ready to go, I decided to look in the bag the teacher had handed me.  As I opened the bag my mouth dropped and nothing but sheer horror came over me.  It was there at the bottom of the Kroger bag I saw a pair of my thong underwear from “the drawer.”  You know the drawer ladies.  It’s the one next to your bed that holds all your extra sassy personal items.  Oh my good God my underwear must have some how got mixed up in the dryer with his nap stuff and crammed itself in his fitted sheet.  I can only imagine the good laugh his teachers got when they went to put his sheet on his bed and this pair of straight up hooker thongs fell out.  Needless to say I pondered over what on earth to do.  Do I address the fact that I’m not a complete whore and this was from a special night, or do I ignore that any of this took place and continue to act like a “normal” mom?  Well I went with ignoring that any of this took place, and after a while all has seemed to be back to normal.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m positive I’ve gained some sort of nick name at daycare.  I like to think they call me “Mrs. Jackson if you’re nasty”, but Lord only knows what it is.  Mom’s take it from me.  Even in your biggest hurry, take a look through your kids nap bag cause it could save you from a really embarrassing moment!

Yep, we’re those parents!

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