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Hello Be-YOU-tiful

It was 2008, a scary year for anyone, especially a young family with 2 children.  I wasn’t working, well a traditional “paid” job, after working 3 years in public relations at an amazing firm – I was living one of my many life dreams as a stay at home mom to Sam and Gabbi.  I found myself waiting tables to get out of the house and keep my sanity.

My husband was working in an industry hit hard in the economic downfall.  In order for him to pursue a different career path, he had to leave what he was doing and make finding a job, his full-time job.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve.

When you have 2 children, gone are the days of ringing in the new year at a club, bar or hall party.  So we decided to get the kids to bed early, make a couple of cocktails and pull out the pile of magazines, scissors, glue and poster board to make vision boards.  Yes, you read the right.  We spent our New Years Eve drinking and dreaming together, visualizing our goals and where we wanted life to take us.  More time for family, more exercise, a bigger house, family vacations, career goals.  We cut and pasted our dreams onto a poster board and put them on top of the refrigerator to look at every single day as a reminder of what we hoped the future would hold.

As 2009 started to unfold, we joined Facebook, and reconnected with an old friend that basically set us on the path we’re on today.  A new career surfaced for Casey and we uprooted our family and moved to Tennessee.  Along with that, I started my own business freelancing in public relations.  We were well on our way to making our vision board dreams come true.

Now I make all of that seem so easy in a simple typed up paragraph.  It really wasn’t at all.  The move alone took us 13 drivable hours away from our family – it was just our team of 4 embarking on this new adventure.  One that brought a ton of travel for Casey and basically forced me into this unfamiliar independent state to make new friends and “family” in a sweet southern town.  Me, Michigan born and raised and told never to move more than 10 miles away, took the plunge.  If asked to relive it, I’d do it again and again and again (sorry mom).  It was truly eye-opening and I learned so much about myself.

So what’s my point and how does this relate to Be-YOU-tiful you?

I think we all struggle with cross roads in our lives.  I think we’re all afraid of the unknown and it’s human nature to stick out our current situation because it’s familiar and comfortable, even if we’re not 100 percent content.  I challenge you to try something different.

We’re only 4 weeks out from 2015 and for the most part have all set goals.  Where are these goals?  Did you write them down?  Post them on Facebook?   Tell a friend?  Who or what is holding you accountable?

Thoughts become things when you take responsibility for them and write them down, whether they’re in the form of a vision board or a to-do list on your refrigerator.  Start there.  Let’s all take the first step in becoming the best we can be by taking responsibility for where we want to see ourselves in 2016 and beyond.

There comes a time in your life when everything falls into place.  It’s just right.  That zen moment when you’ve accepted change and challenges that you’ve never dreamed of encountering.  Try to be open, trusting, accepting and flexible to all situations and you’ll end up exactly where you’re supposed to be.

I’m only sharing my story because I want to help you rewrite yours.  Being healthy and feeling powerful in all areas of wellbeing include mind, body and spirit.

Don’t let your limitations of the mind dictate who you are, where you’re going and what you want to become.  Anything is possible for all of us.

I’d love to see some of your goals.  Share them with me or share a photo of your vision board.  Cheers to the new year, and the new Be-YOU-tiful you!

Ann Marie Wakula

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