Young love:)

Who doesn’t love young love?  I’m talking to Luke the other morning and well this is how our conversation went.  “So Luke I’m so glad you like school!”  “Yeah it’s good.  I like it even more since I have a girlfriend.”  “Buddy you have a girlfriend?” “Yep her name is Allison.  I’m thinking that we’re gonna break up, though.”  “Why?” “Well she sits at blue circle and I sit at yellow oval.  There’s this girl Emma that sits at orange triangle which is only one table away from yellow oval.  Jacks sits at red star which is closer to Allison, so I think they’re gonna be boyfriend girlfriend and I’ll just be Emma’s boyfriend cause our tables are closer.”  “OK, well how do you know that Emma wants to be your girlfriend?” “Well I’m funny and have great eyes.”  LOL, the kid does have a point. 

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